Lets Build Your Website

Lets Build Your Website

Whether they know it or not 1.5 million people saw our products in ONE MONTH!! This store is still only a few months old. The algorithm is still making adjustments and we are working hard on adding more products. 

Sales struggling?
Renting a high priced booth?
Storefront costing hundreds or thousands a month?
You want a website but don't know where to start? Overwhelming?
Are you ready for a website where you can showcase your products to the world?

Did you know a Shopify store only cost $30/month? Its free for 30 days.
Stay under 250 products and EBAY is free to sell products, minus a small % fee based off the sale total. 
Facebook is free to sell on
You can sell on Instagram free

There is nothing stopping you from building a website. Call me. First read this information. 

This is an ecommerce website. Its purpose is to sell your products, this site is built using the Shopify Platform. Its a very simple and effective way to communicate all your products across several platforms simultaneously. The term is called "OmniPresent Marketing", Being everywhere to grow your brand. By connecting all of your Social Media accounts to Shopify, your listings can be sold on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Amazon, Bonanza, Pinterest, Instagram and more, from a single Shopify store! This tool is very powerful!

We build E-commerce websites that sell products by using details and professional photos, powerful SEO to make sure you stand out on google and a variety of other ways to get your brand/products in front of people ready to buy. 


Help Choosing & Linking Domain Name
-We help establish domain name. We use Go Daddy. Then we link the Domain to your Shopify. Then you can access your site by using www.yourdomainhere.com

Professional Product Photography & Editing
-We engage with every product, photographing and giving life to your treasured items. We want to show all the products highlights and flaws. Every aspect of your item is important to the Buyer. 

Shopify Development
-We set up the basics like store name and basic setting
-We set up payments, help with bank linking & PayPal
-We set up links, help to choose and customize theme, navigation links
-We are going to take the best & most engaging photos and make listings within Shopify. 

Research & S.E.O
- We research EVER product to make sure we have the most accurate information for every listing. 
-We research and give you the most accurate price for your listing. 
-Through researching every item we take High Priority keywords and arrange them in a way the buyer would search for the item. This is the basics of Search Engine Optimization. By doing this in Shopify all of the information will correspond with the sales channels. Meaning all the information you put in Shopify will travel to the sites you are selling on. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. This means you only have to make the ad one time. Not several times typing in tedious words for every ad for every channel. 

Sales Channel Linking & Development
- We set up all the channels you would like to sell on. Then we link the channels back to your Shopify store. Every time you make a listing the listing will be dispersed to all the channels you sell on at the same time. 

-If you are local we help pack and ship items. We will teach you how to safely pack, weigh, measure, and print labels. We will show you how to get the lowest rates depending on your package size and weight. 

-We teach you everything you need to know about your online store. We can continue to list items or we can hand that over when you or a team member is ready. We are always available by phone and email to help you resolve any issues or questions. 

-We are a lot more affordable than you might think. Prices starting at $500

If you are interested in hearing more, or you have any questions please call.
The Ecommerce Guy

Justyn Hayes
316 202 1892